Great things are not reliably accomplished on whim or an inexplicable bolt of lightning from the clouds. Nor are they the product of inflexible mechanical procedure or strict orthodoxy.

RAM Group is a Phoenix-based gaming and hospitality management firm dedicated to creating value by employing methods which, while developed through experience, are applied in new circumstances, each with its own market characteristics and competitive sets. RAM Group couples this aptitude with close partner relationships, state-of-the-art systems and proven people development skills to achieve outstanding results.

The management team at RAM Group has materially improved the operating performance of casinos, hotel-casinos and hotels by enhancing (or creating, in the case of start-ups) properties and related operating units which are tailor-made for their marketing environments.

Our key people have applied their skills to strategically direct capital expenditures, deploy smart operational efficiencies and create shrewd marketing strategies for partners from Las Vegas and Phoenix to North Dakota and Louisiana, building nine-figure revenue streams and impressive bottom-lines in the process.

From corporate ownership to silent private ownership to active private ownership to tribal ownership, the RAM Group closely and collaboratively works to exceed its partners’ expectations. RAM Group is entrepreneurial in character and pro-active in practice, with a proven ability to develop, direct and inspire in-house employees in both the gaming and hospitality arenas. The firm’s leadership has managed Five-Star resort hotel properties, among other assets, and its people have been licensed by gaming authorities in several states, as well as federal gaming jurisdictions, including tribal gaming.

In short, RAM Group works adroitly to grow revenues, and thereby asset values, of the enterprises entrusted to its management. The RAM Group is a forward-thinking collaboration of experience, accessibility, loyalty and authenticity.


We are a contemporary organization, up-to-speed on the very latest techniques and technology in the gaming and hospitality sectors. And, we’re experienced. But, we avoid resting on our laurels. Doing so would be belie our entrepreneurial and progressive spirit.

Take assurance from what you see in these bios, but realize that this experience merely informs our assessment of what is happening right now